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Early Prototype

The seed of the company started when a boy with a strong passion for music and electronics design and manufacture his first amplifier in his garage in Missouri in Midwest of the United States. Thus, Audio Centron was born in 1991. He is enthusiastic about finding the real driving force of sound and using the simplest system to drive more passionate voice. This is the original intention of Audio Centron: feel the powersound!

More than three decades..

In 1991, Audio Centron launched the first RMA series, with the strongest power being RMA1600 (2x800w / 8 Ohm). The topology was dual mono and the reliability was so high that the series soon became a commercial success.After more than 30 years, many units are still at work to the great satisfaction of their owners. In 1996, MP series, and then dual mono structure, because of its reliability and the previous great RMA series, many products are still needed in 2nd hand equipment market. In the same year, CE series speakers were produced, especially the CE-156 . This is a 15 inch speaker, once launched, it is almost popular in the market, and has been collected by major musicians.

In 1997, Audio Centron started its first cellular dynamic drive amplifier, named the ID series. In 1999, the ID series was added to the product catalog to provide "high fidelity sound" amplifiers for the low-power installation market. In 2000, the AC-h series speakers, which were praised as classic by later generations, came out. And here, the classics continue...

We still here..

Inspite of several audio company change identity or close activity in the past years, for passion or for a miracle we still here... through the Audio Centron, we have more than 100 million w of product output, which is the world's powerful sound energy, because we can't express it in words, we represent reference class speakers and power amplifiers.

Our secret

Although there is a clear marking line between the professional speaker and the real reference speaker, at Audio Centron, we always believe that a professional speaker can not only be a reliable "sound converter", but must make a real contribution to the sound quality of the system. We are still the people with fever, we are still the craftsmen of the sound.

Our mission has not changed and it is still to manufacture reliable speakers with a great sound by using the ultimate technology. We still ensure that Audio Centron can become a powerful backing for all kinds of sound reinforcement applications through effective sound support. Investing in Audio Centron will continue to be the right solution. With its reliability and future, Audio Centron is still the best choice...

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